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About Namrata



I am an Artist and a Photographer. I started my career as an Artist in 2009, after working 18 years at a Stock Brokerage firm, K.M. Jain Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd. I am an FCA at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. But Art swept me away.

I am eclectic in nature, drawing inspiration from varied sources and this is reflected in my Art too. I instantly paint whatever catches my imagination. But what instills me most is Nature.

The Artworks in this website are a collection of efforts down the years. Through them, I want to spread happiness in the World, in my small way.

As I often say, "A small step taken with fortitude, can lead to giant leaps..."

The Adventure has just begun...!


P.S. See the World from MyCreativeEye!

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